amesplash provides software development and support services to help bridge the gap between its client disconnected systems. amesplash excels in APIs and modernisation of legacy codebases.


Over the last few years there has been a boom in online and mobile technology. There are now apps/services for nearly every aspect of your business. Billing, sales, marketing, meetings, customer relationships, user management and retention — etc. This is great but it presents a huge problem...fragmented data and disconnected systems.

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Frontend, backend, Hardware & API's

This is where we come in. We bridge the gap between your disconnected systems bringing all your data together using powerful and intuitive solutions.

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Embedded Team

We serve best as a long term embedded team member. This allows us to learn our clients industry cultural values and internal processes. This approach produces better results and even happier clients..

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Amazing clients
past & present


The Anne Frank Trust UK

PHD Mechanical

Editorial Intelligence

Pick'N'Mix Recruitment

Country Kids Resort

Harrison Associates

Al Fresco




essential phones

collins sarwar


kings kitchen

pre school academy

2020 speed networking

Rouge Property

The Soho salon

Zinnia Care

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